Eastman Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card

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Eastman Credit Union Business Visa Credit CardThe Eastern Credit Union is a credit union located in both Tennessee and Virginia. They offer both personal and business accounts to their members. To have a business account, your business must be located in specific counties in Virginia and/or Tennessee.

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Eastman Credit Union offers free business checking accounts that also earn interest. This is an excellent credit card option for small business owners, because any business that has 600 or more global items a month will be charged $.20 for each additional check used, debit used, deposit, and so on.

Eastern Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Overview

Unfortunately, Eastman Credit Union does not offer much information on their business credit card. It is listed as one of their business services; however, they do not mention any terms, conditions, qualification information or anything else to help determine if this is a good credit card.

It is very probable that this is a low interest credit card as all the other credit cards from Eastman Credit Union. However, there is no information as to whether there is an annual fee for this card, whether it is a no fee credit card or any other pertinent information.

In addition, you cannot apply for the card online as there is no connection for an online application. You will have to visit an Eastman Credit Union in person in to apply. According to the Federal Reserve credit card rules, before a company can lock you into a credit card they must fully disclose the terms.

Eastman Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Considerations

Beyond the actual credit card, you also want to consider the services offered by Eastman Credit Union for business owners. As mentioned above, they offer free business checking with interest, which can be very appealing for business.

All you need is $5 for a deposit to establish a business account. As long as you maintain that minimum balance in your account, you will not be charged any fees.

Your Business Visa credit card can be directly connected to your business checking account. You can have payments directly withdrawn from your account for your business card. In addition, your credit card can act as overdraft protection in your business account.

Eastman Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Verdict

It is difficult to offer a verdict on this card without more information. However, business owners will likely find that this card has excellent terms and conditions and offers a low interest rate. It is certainly worth checking out if you qualify as an Eastman Credit Union member.

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