EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card

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EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit CardThe Platinum Plus MasterCard from Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) offers a wide range of services usually offered on premier credit cards. This credit card offers rewards and is open to members of the EECU.

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EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard Benefits

The EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard is a rewards credit card. The cardholder is enrolled in the Rewards2U program where each dollar spent earns a reward point. The points can be used towards a wide array of rewards.

The EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard also offers many travel and purchase related benefits. When you book travel plans, like airline tickets or hotel reservations, with your EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard, you’ll receive up to a million dollars of accident travel insurance at no additional charge. If your luggage is lost or delayed by the airlines, this MasterCard will cover these expenses as well.

At the rental counter, you can turn down the expensive additional insurance, since this MasterCard covers CDW insurance on rental cars booked on it. You’ll also have access to the Master RoadAssist Service. If you need help booking your travel arrangements, use the free Travel Assistance Service.

When you purchase merchandise with the EECU Platinum Plus MasterCard, you’ll get replacement coverage if the item is lost or stolen within the first 90 days. The card will also extend manufacturer’s warranties by up to 12 months.

EECU Platinum Plus Low Interest Rates

Many credit unions are known for their lower rates on items like auto loans and credit cards, according to the National Credit Union Agency’s public relations website. The members of credit unions are the shareholders of these non-profit organizations, so the credit unions work to keep these rates as low as possible.

This is why the EECU can offer the Platinum Plus MasterCard for as low as 7.99%, though your actual credit card interest rate will depend on your credit history. There’s also no annual fee. You’ll still have 24-hour access to your account either online or by phone, including instant bill pay.

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