Eglin Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard Credit Card

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Eglin Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard Credit CardThe Eglin Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard is a low fee credit card offered to the members of the Eglin Federal Credit Union, or EFCU. This is the standard credit card. EFCU also offers a reward credit card with a similar name.

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EFCU Platinum MasterCard Low Fees and Rates

The EFCU Platinum MasterCard has no annual fee, no credit card balance transfer fee, and no cash advance fee. The credit card also uses the SecureCode system to keep your information safe when you purchase online.

The primary difference between the standard credit card and the rewards credit card beside the rewards program is the interest rate. Depending on the cardholder’s credit score, the interest rate for the standard Platinum MasterCard is 7.9% to 14.9%. If you apply for the rewards credit card, the APR will range from 8.9% to 15.9%.

Even without a rewards program, the EFCU Platinum MasterCard has many perks. For example, book travel on the card and you’ll receive as much as $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance.

EFCU Membership

Credit Unions are different from banks because by law they have to be not-for-profit institutions. They are also restricted to a particular membership, as explained by the federal government’s website Usually they cater to residents of a particular region of a state, a particular occupation, or even a specific employer.

Eglin Federal Credit Union is open to all active duty, disabled or retired service members, and veterans who work and use the services of Eglin Air Force Base and surrounding military installations in Florida. Government employees and civilian contractors who work on the base are also eligible, as are the immediate family members of any of these people.

Eligibility is also open to people who live or work in North or South Okaloosa counties, as well as to the employees of many of the local businesses of the area. You must be a member of EFCU in order to apply for any of their products, like the Platinum MasterCard.

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