Eglin Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard with ScoreCard Rewards Credit Card

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Eglin Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard with ScoreCard Rewards Credit CardThe Eglin Federal Credit Union, or EFCU, offers a pair of Platinum MasterCards with a very similar structure. The Platinum MasterCard with ScoreCard Rewards is the rewards based credit card.

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EFCU Platinum MasterCard Rewards Members

When you sign up for the EFCU Platinum MasterCard, you can choose whether to participate in the rewards program. This card participates in the ScoreCard program. Purchase dollars equal points, one dollar for one point, which can then be exchanged for travel or merchandise starting at 2,000 points.

The ScoreCard Program has its own website with a list of possible rewards you can earn. There’s no limit to the number of points you can earn with this card. The expiration date is a very generous five years from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to save up for that special trip.

In addition to the rewards program, the EFCU Platinum MasterCard also provides travel credit card benefits like accident travel insurance up to a million dollars. It’s also convenient to use with information being available at anytime using the eZCardInfo website.

EFCU Membership Benefits

By federal law, credit unions must restrict membership to a particular group, which must be spelled out in detail. The National Credit Union Agency explains that membership is usually open to people in a particular occupation, employees of a specific business, or residents of a small area of the country.

In the case of the EFCU, its members are military and civilians who work on or use the services on Eglin Air Force Base. Residents of the local counties and employees of certain local businesses are also eligible, as are any immediate family members of any of these groups.

Because credit unions are member-owned, they usually pass on many perks to their members. In the case of the EFCU Platinum MasterCard, it has no annual fee, no transfer fee, and no cash advance fee. The variable APR credit card interest rate ranges from 8.9% to 15.9% based on the member’s credit scores.

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