Elton John AIDS Foundation Credit Card

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The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) WorldPoints® Platinum Plus® Visa® Credit Card is offered through MBNA, as an affinity card for customers who choose to join the worldwide fight against AIDS. MBNA will donate a portion of every transaction on the card to groups such as AIDS Action Committee, AIDS Project LA, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and the Whitman-Walker Clinic.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Credit Card Fees

The EJAF Visa card carries no annual fee, has a variable interest rate, and offers a low introductory rate for balance transfers and cash advances. The card displays one of three Elton John images chosen by the applicant. Each new cardholder receives an Elton John CD after their first purchase using the card, plus the EJAF newsletter.

At the time of this review the web application used for sign-up was down. Applicants are urged to use free tool on this page to compare credit cards now.

Elton John AIDS Foundation WorldPoints®

The WorldPoints reward program allows cardholders to earn one point for every dollar charged to the card. Points are earned regardless of the transaction type; be it for monthly bills, travel, day-to-day shopping, or major expenditures. Points can be redeemed with a minimum of 2,500 earned, for gift certificates, travel rewards, merchandise, or cash.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Visa Card Concierge Service

The most exciting reward of the EJAF Visa card is the 24-hour MyConciergeSM service. Cardholders enjoy the privilege of having their own personal assistant to help them do things like book travel arrangements, purchase tickets to the opera or the big game, reserve a table for two at a favorite restaurant, or arrange a tee time at an exclusive golf club.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Visa Card Airline Reward

Cardholders who meet the requirements for a qualifying use of the EJAF card receive a free companion airline ticket through a partnership with Spirit Incentives. With a qualifying purchase of $25 or more, cardholders can choose either a 2 for 1 airline ticket or a 2 for 1 hotel stay. Only one option is available, and the reward can only be earned once.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Elton John AIDS Foundation Credit Card”

  1. Kenneth D Swaim says:
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    I need your help with Elton John AIDS Foundation Credit Card because I do have the HIV which I have for 35 years. I wish to have a credit card that support the Elton John HIV/AIDS foundation.

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