ESL Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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ESL Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardThis review is for the ESL Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card. The ESL Federal Credit Union is based in Rochester, New York and offers several different banking products. However, ESL only offers one consumer credit card  and that is the ESL Federal Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card. There is no Visa Classic Credit Card available with this company.

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Even though there is no ESL Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card, there are still many other options available to ESL Customers as far as prepaid Visa and gift cards.

ESL Federal Credit Union Gift and Prepaid Card Details

There are four different types of gift and prepaid Visa cards available through the ESL Federal Credit Union. The straightforward Visa gift card is an ideal card for a thank you, birthday present, wedding, etc.

There is a $3.50 charge to purchase the ESL Visa Gift Card, and there is no minimum or maximum as far as the number of dollars that can be loaded on the card. There are also no per transaction fees, and no fees for not using the card.

It is important to try to use the entire amount on your ESL Visa Gift Card. According to recent studies, billions of dollars go unspent each year on gift cards according to the Wall Street Journal.

The ESL Prepaid Visa card allows you to manage your money by loading your card with deposits and then using it as a debit card. The card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted, and is safer than carrying cash. You can also use the ESL Federal Credit Union Prepaid Visa to withdraw cash from ATMs.

ESL Federal Credit Union also offers the Visa Travel Card, an alternative to the traditional travelers’ checks. This prepaid card can be load with any amount for a $4.95 fee, and it can be used as a debit card anywhere in the world that takes Visa Cards. The card can be loaded up to four times, and there are preset daily spending limits on the card.

The final prepaid option to ESL customers is the Visa Family Card, which allows parents to give a prepaid card to their children to use and manage on their own.

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