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Exchange National Bank & Trust Credit CardExchange National Bank & Trust in Atchinson, KS, provides many military banking services to its local and military customers. Included in these services is their VISA/Mastercard, which offers their customers with low interest rates and other benefits. Compare credit card rates now!

You can begin the enrollment process to their banking services through their website, but the process will take a few days to really begin. They will either send you an enrollment starter kit through the mail, or you will receive a phone call or E-mail from one of their representatives.

The bank also offers online banking, so that customers can easily keep track of their accounts. Review the features of this credit card below and compare it with any rewards credit cards, travel credit card or other credit card offers you may be interested in.

Exchange National Bank & Trust Credit Card Features

The Exchange National Bank & Trust VISA/Mastercard offers cash advances for their customers, worldwide. No matter where you are, you can get cash. They also offer a grace period of 25 days on every purchase made with the credit card. They do not charge any annual fee the first year; after that the annual fee is just $10 a year.

Unlike many other cards, the VISA/Mastercard from Exchange National provides its customers with free convenience checks so that customers can have access to their credit card accounts regardless of where they are. If they are in an area or a store that does not accept credit cards, they will still be able to have easy access to their accounts.

Exchange National Bank & Trust Credit Card is Older than Kansas

Well, the bank anyway. Exchange Bank & Trust prides itself on being the first bank in the Kansas Territory—in 1857, before the state was an actual state. It has been owned locally all these years, by just three families, and has remained open during other financial crises that have closed down other institutions, including the Civil War and the Great Depression.

Card Comparisons and the Exchange National Bank & Trust Credit Card

The bank offers just this one credit card type, and you need to be a customer to apply for it. Applications go through standard application procedures, including proof of age and income. The card does not seem to come with any reward program, but there may be other programs that a customer could enroll in. Be sure to compare credit card offers like this one today!

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