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Facecard Credit CardThe Facecard Credit Card is actually a reloadable prepaid credit card with the MasterCard logo, which allows it to be used anywhere Debit MasterCard can be used.

Prepaid credit cards that are personalized are a much safer option than over-the-counter prepaid cards. Your money is safer. You can also use ATMs and get cash back from purchases with cards like Facecard Credit Card.

Prior to taking out a Facecard Credit Card, you should learn about the benefits of the card and how to most responsibly use such a tool.

Facecard Credit Card Benefits

The Facecard Credit Card is one of the best prepaid credit cards in terms of fees. There is no charge for direct deposit loading of the card or for bank fund transfers to the card. Card-to-card transfers can be done free of charge. There is not even an initial activation fee to get a Facecard Credit Card. There is also no inactive account fee if you stop using it for any reason.

Other Facecard Credit Card benefits include easy bill payments. You never have to worry about getting yourself into debt or incurring overdraft charges. You can even manage your account online.  Compare online with other credit card offers now!

Facecard Credit Card for Teens

Facecard Credit Card makes responsible use of the card easy. You can’t use more money than you have on the card. This makes it an ideal student credit card. Parents can give their teens a fixed amount of money preloaded on the card and not have to worry about them carrying cash.

Facecard Credit Card teaches teens valuable lessons about money management without incurring credit card debt and damaging their credit score. Parents can even monitor their child’s spending through a joint account.

If you have a child living away from home, Facecard Credit Card is the ideal option for money transfers as you can do it from the convenience of home or work. If they face an emergency you can help out, from anywhere.

Facecard Credit Card

Even though this type of card will not help you build credit, it is still very useful for young people and those who have poor or no credit. Start comparing the Facecard Credit Card and other credit card offers today!

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