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Feet First Credit CardAt Feet First, the focus is finding the right shoes for your feet. If you want to pay for your purchase with a Feet First credit card, however, you will find that this is where things just won’t work out. Feet First does not offer a credit card for their store.

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Store credit cards, although they typically have high interest rates, allows customers to take advantage of specific rewards programs at their favorite stores. In addition, the perks usually include special sales and discounts that no one else can get.

Feet First Credit Card – No Card Options

When it comes to large department stores or brands of clothing, it is difficult to imagine why they wouldn’t offer credit cards to their customers. When it comes to a small store like First Feet, it isn’t hard to imagine what a store credit card isn’t available. They aren’t a national store and there is some risk when a store decides to offer a credit card.

You see, when a store takes on a store credit card, even though a bank is actually offering the credit, the store is charged each time a purchase is made using that card. In addition, many banks require that store in question to take on the responsibility on defaulted credit cards.

Take for instance, a random shopper. Random buys $300 worth of shoes and puts it on her credit card. Random loses her job and has no way to pay the credit card debt. The store has already received its $300 minus fees and now the bank wants the balance on that debt back because they aren’t being paid.

The bottom line is that it can be too much for a small company to handle.

First Feet Credit Card – Traditional Card Options

If you are certain you want to go shopping with a credit card, then you might want to consider a traditional card option. Selecting a low interest Visa or MasterCard is much better than paying the high rates that most stores charge on their credit cards.

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