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Fidelity Bank is a full service bank that strives to provide excellent service to customers. Part of that excellent service is offering Fidelity Bank Credit Cards to customers. Many people like the backing of a well known bank behind their credit card and that is what Fidelity offers its customers. If you are looking for a new credit card company, here is some information about Fidelity Bank Credit Cards. This information, along with the credit card chaser above and independent agents at the number on this page, can help you make your decision.

Fidelity Bank History

Fidelity Bank started out as Fidelity Investment Company in 1905 solely to provide mortgages. By 1946 Fidelity had been privately purchased by the Bastian family and was in the forefront of providing postwar loans for first time home owners. Over the next four decades Fidelity grew as it acquired more assets and became known as Fidelity Savings Association.

As the family ownership shifted to a new generation of Bastians it became known as the Fidelity Financial Corporation. It now has over $1.5 billion in assets and 400 employees. Through all of the changes Fidelity Bank has remained committed to customer service, convenience and financial growth. In addition to this, Fidelity supports over 40 organizations through contributions to the community.

Fidelity Bank Credit Card Products

Fidelity Bank offers three types of credit cards. They are all personal credit cards designed to meet the varied financial needs of customers. Each card allows you to apply on line and then, once approved, to manage your card online for convenience. They also allow you to personalize your card with your favorite digital photo for no additional cost.

Fidelity Bank Maximum Rewards Platinum Card

The first card is the Maximum Rewards Platinum Card. It is a rewards credit card that gives you options on your rewards. You can choose vacations, cash back or online purchases. For every $1 you spend you get 1.5 reward points. There are no limits to the points that you are able to earn on the card. It comes with FirstGuard which is an anti-identity theft protection program.

Another benefit of the Maximum Rewards Platinum is Purchase Protection. This protects qualifying purchases against fire, accidental damage, or theft for 90 days after you make your purchase. Also provided on this card is Extended Warranty Service. This service doubles manufacturers’ warranties so that your protection goes further. Travel Assistance Services help you when you are traveling and need emergencies services including Travel Accident Insurance up to $250,000 and 25% off rental cars at certain agencies.

Fidelity BucksBack Visa Card

The next card is the BucksBack Visa Card which gives you 1 point for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases. You can then redeem the points for cash $25 at a time as a credit to your card, in a check, or as a deposit to your bank account. This card also comes with FirstGuard and a temporary 0% interest rate for the first six months.

Also, you will get $25 cash back for every $2,500 you spend on eligible purchases. This card has all the same benefits as the Maximum Rewards Platinum Card with Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty Service, Travel Assistance Services, and Travel Accident Insurance cards.

Fidelity Bank Platinum Edition Visa Card

The last credit card offered through Fidelity Bank is the Platinum Edition Visa Card. It has the same benefits as the previous two cards and more. This card has the lowest purchase rate with 0% for the first six months and then a continual low rate thereafter. As with all Fidelity cards the Platinum Edition comes with FirstGuard.

Fidelity Bank Website

If you choose to go with a credit card from Fidelity Bank you must make payments on time and not go over your credit limit in order to keep some of the benefits, interest rates, and rewards that come with the card. Also, if you want to use the card for a balance transfer or for a cash advance, some of the terms will not apply. As a credit card holder, you will be able to use Fidelity’s website to view statements, transfer balances, make payments, and request limit increases.

Compare Fidelity Bank Credit Card Offers

If this is not enough information for you to make your decision, you can use the credit chaser comparison tool on this page right now. The tool will allow you to see what different credit cards have to offer so you can find the one to best meet your needs. Why not take that first step by using the chaser tool now?

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