Fidelity Retirement Rewards Credit Card

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Fidelity Retirement Rewards Credit CardThe Fidelity Retirement Rewards credit card offers customers the opportunity to collect rewards that they can deposit into a Fidelity IRA or other eligible investment savings account. The money deposited in the account grows on a tax-deferred basis, and can be used to help a customer reach his or her retirement goals. Start comparing credit card offers now!

There is no limit for the number of rewards that a cardholder can accumulate. Once a cardholder has reached the 5,000 point level, $50 will be deposited on his or her behalf into an investment account. A cardholder does not have to have an existing Fidelity investment account to apply for a card.

Fidelity Retirement Rewards Credit Card Features

There is no annual fee charged to Fidelity Retirement Rewards cardholders. Along with saving for retirement, a cardholder may choose to redeem his or her points for merchandise or toward travel costs. The points are good for five years, after which time they will expire.

Fidelity Retirement Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Customer service representatives are available on a 24-hour basis to respond to questions, concerns or to record the loss or theft of a credit card. They also get the protection of zero liability if their card was used fraudulently. An identity theft recovery service is also provided.

Any merchandise purchased with the card is protected from loss automatically as one of the benefits available to Fidelity Retirement Rewards credit card customers. Travel and emergency assistance is also provided. Production from car rental loss or damage is included when the card is used to reserve a vehicle.

Fidelity Retirement Rewards Credit Card Helps Plan for the Future

All a person needs to do to start putting some money away for the future is to use the card for everyday purchases. 2% of the amount charged on the card can be deposited to a 529 Plan managed by Fidelity, a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA or a SEP IRA. These funds will grow over time, and can be added to any other retirement vehicles that a cardholder has in place. Use the free tool to start comparing credit cards now!

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