Fifth Third Bank Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Fifth Third Bank Cash Rewards Credit CardFifth Third Bank offers their customers many different credit cards. This review is for the Cash Rewards MasterCard they offer to their customers for personal use.

This is a great card for those Fifth Third Bank consumers who have a really good credit history; even better for you if it is a perfect history! It comes with no annual fee, and offers fairly competitive rates.

Keep reading for more information about the Cash Rewards MasterCard credit card from Fifth Third Bank. Afterward, use our credit card quotes comparison tool to find the perfect card for you!

Overall Benefits from Fifth Third Bank Cash Rewards Credit Card

All of the Fifth Third Bank credit cards can be managed online, which is a great way to monitor your spending as well as keep an eye out for any fraudulent charges. This card provides its MasterCard Zero Liability coverage for personal accounts. If you are looking to get this card for use as a business credit card or for commercial purposes, you may not be eligible for the Zero Liability Coverage.

This card also offers Purchase Assurance, which makes you eligible in many cases to be reimbursed if you need to repair or replace an item you have purchased with your MasterCard credit card. If, within 90 days of purchase, one of your purchases is either damaged or stolen, you may be able get assistance for replacing or repairing it.

Additionally, you will have 12 months at no interest with this card. This is credit dependent. If you do not have good credit you may be offered less than the full 12 months. If you need a bad credit credit card use the free comparison tool offered on this page.

SmartSavings with Fifth Third Bank Cash Rewards MasterCard

With SmartSavings, you will be given offers that are specifically tailored for you and the chance to shop for the brands, local and national, that you prefer. You will be given steep discounts with the SmartSavings program.

This program provides the Fifth Third Bank Cask Rewards MasterCard customer with a personal website that provides discounts of 15% or more on thousands of stores.

Cash Rewards with Fifth Third Bank MasterCard

This program provides you with easy rewards. You do not need to keep track of a set list of merchants, because you simply earn rewards for every dollar you spend. You will earn 1% for all purchases; even for monthly bill payments such as your cable or telephone bills.

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