Fifth Third Bank Platinum Credit Card

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Fifth Third Bank Platinum Credit CardThe Platinum MasterCard from Fifth Third Bank offers many benefits for its customers. This card offers no annual fee and competitive interest rates. It also comes automatically with many protection services that make this a card that make many people feel more secure.

Fifth Third Bank offers several different credit cards; this review is for the Platinum MasterCard and is designed to give you an idea of all the benefits that come with this card. Because there are significant differences between the cards, make sure that you are getting the one you want.

After reading the full review, use our credit card comparison tool to compare this Fifth Third Bank credit card with others.

Fifth Third Bank Platinum Credit Card Overview

The Platinum MasterCard from Fifth Third Bank has no annual fee, and provides its holders with significant savings at a ton of retail shops, both local and national.

Although it’s not a travel credit card, this card also offers many protections. It offers one million in travel accident insurance. It also automatically protects all the purchases you make with your card. Additionally, if you pay your cell phone bill with your First Third Bank Platinum MasterCard each month, then you are automatically enrolled in their Free Cell Phone Protection Plan. It will help you replace your phone if it is stolen or damaged.

Rates and Fees with the Fifth Third Bank Platinum Credit Card

The rates and fees associated with this card are very competitive. There is no annual fee and this card works hard to work well for its holders.

There is a 0% introductory APR with the Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard for the first 12 cycles of billing. After the Introductory Period is over, the APR will be between 10.99% and 23.99%. As with all cards, this APR will depend on your credit history.

Benefits with the Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard

This card provides many of the same benefits that all Fifth Third Bank credit cards come with, which means you’ll want to carefully compare all of your options.

This card comes with the SmartSavings program, which offers you a dedicated website that provides you with discounts to thousands of local and national retailers. The discounts will be tailored specifically to the way you shop.

This personal credit card also comes with MasterCard’s Zero Liability coverage, which protects you from any fraudulent charges made to your card. Compare credit card offers now!

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