Fifth Third Bank Responsible Credit Card

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Fifth Third Bank Responsible Credit CardThe Responsible MasterCard offered by Fifth Third Bank offers holders a chance to obtain financial independence. This card is part of the Student Checking Package offered free to students to help build responsible banking skills for high school and college students who are at least sixteen years old. The package offers many features; the Responsible MasterCard is a student credit card for those who are at least eighteen years of age.

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of student checking, you may want to contact the bank directly. This review is to provide an overview of the benefits offered by the Fifth Third Bank Responsible MasterCard.

After reading the rest of the view, use our credit card comparison tool that allows you to freely compare many credit cards to one another as you look for the ideal credit cards for younger users.

Fifth Third Bank Responsible MasterCard Overview

This card comes with no annual fee. It also offers an introductory APR of 0% for the first twelve months. After this period is over, the card is prepared to offer very competitive rates. The purchase APR can be as low as 10.99%. It can, however, also go as high as 23.99%. This depends on the application and credit history of the applicant.

Holders of the Responsible MasterCard are automatically eligible for Fifth Third Bank’s SmartSavings program, which provides huge discounts for national and local retailers. This is a pretty smart program (no pun intended) that tailors discounts for individual card holders based on the way those card holders shop. If you never use your card for home improvement purchases, then the SmartSavings program should not clog up your offers with savings for home improvement stores.

Fifth Third Bank Responsible MasterCard Benefits

In addition to the SmartSavings program, those who hold this credit card will have many protections. You will be covered by the MasterCard Zero Liability program, which protects you from fraudulent purchases; you will have no responsibility for any unauthorized purchases made to your card.

The card also comes with free Internet Banking and Online Bill Payment. Set up a list of payees and pay your bills directly through your Fifth Third Bank online account.

Being Responsible with Fifth Third Bank Responsible MasterCard

This card from Fifth Third Bank is really designed to help those just starting out with credit to build a good credit score. Regardless of which responsible starter card you choose, this is a solid way to help you build up and maintain your good credit score. Compare credit card offers now!

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