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Finium Prepaid Mastercard Credit CardNot everyone has good credit and not everyone wants to have a credit card. If either or both of these issues apply to you, then you may want to consider the Finium Prepaid MasterCard.

Prepaid cards are not credit cards; they are debit cards that have a total limit based on your total deposit. The amount of money on your card reduces as you spend until you are out of money. You can choose to direct deposit each paycheck to a prepaid card or add money from your bank account as needed. Compare this with other credit card offers to see your best option!

The Finium Prepaid MasterCard is supplied by Trycera Financial, Inc. Trycera specializes in providing services to people who prefer not to bank with traditional institutions or whose credit is too bad to get approval for a checking or savings account.

Finium Prepaid MasterCard Fees

One of the things that you have to understand about using any prepaid credit card, Finium or otherwise, is that there are a lot of fees associated with these types of cars. Quite frankly, this is why many people choose to use a bank debit card in lieu of this type of card. If, however, you have specific reasons for choosing this option, then you need to understand the fees.

Below are the list of fees you can expect to pay for various uses of your debit card.

  • $29.95 activation fee
  • $19.95 card delivery fee
  • $25 returned check fee
  • $25 overdraft fee
  • $20 account closure fee
  • $20 fee for requesting payment of account funds
  • $15 lost card replacement fee
  • $9.95 wire transfer fee
  • $5 dormancy fee
  • $4.95 monthly maintenance fee ($59.40 annually)
  • $3.95 loading fees for Western Union
  • $3 paper statement fee
  • $2 ATM withdrawal fee, plus machine fees
  • $.80 live customer service fee
  • $.50 automated customer service fee

The Limitations When Using the Finium Prepaid MasterCard

One of the biggest limitations is with how you can use your card. While you can make one time payments and regular purchases, you cannot use the card to make reoccurring payments. In addition, you will be unable to rent a car in most cases, as most rental car companies require you use a credit card and the Finium Prepaid MasterCard doesn’t qualify. You will also have a $2500 spending limit per day and a $200 cash withdrawal limit per day.

Should You Get the Finium Prepaid MasterCard

While it may seem like there is only bad news associated with the Finium Prepaid MasterCard, the truth is that these fees are pretty much average for prepaid debit cards. If you are a person who simply doesn’t want to use a bank, can’t open an account at the bank or don’t like credit cards, then this isn’t a bad choice.

However, at this time, they are not accepting new applications.

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