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First American Bank Credit CardHaving a credit card is an important element in today’s society. A credit card can help you establish your credit, provide you with a cushion in an emergency, ensure that you can rent a car and more. But, which credit card do you choose? One option is one of the First American Bank Credit Cards.

First American Bank offers three different credit cards: the Visa Classic, Visa Gold and a Gold MasterCard. In order to apply for any of these cards, however, you will have to be a member of the First American Bank and, unfortunately, they only have banks in one state, California. If you aren’t a resident of California, you will not have access to these cards.

Simply put, if you aren’t a member of First American Bank, then you will be unable to learn a whole lot about the cards that they offer. There is one thing that is clear, however, and that is they have a very comprehensive rewards program that, for those Californians who like reward credit cards, is an excellent bonus. Compare credit card offers now!

What Each First American Bank Credit Card Has to Offer

Because you have to be a First American Bank member to fully access their credit card information, we will explain to you the basics so that those of you who live in California can determine whether or not this is the right card for you.

First of all, none of these cards are for people with bad credit. If you need a bad credit credit card, skip ahead to our credit card chaser tool. The Visa Classic card is for people with good to excellent credit and both gold cards require you to have an excellent credit history.

None of these cards have annual fees and the interests rates vary from 12.99% to 23.99% APR. What your interest rate will be will depend on your total credit score. There are currently no introductory offers, bonus awards points or balance transfer offers for any of these cards.

First American Bank Credit Card Rewards Program

The First American Bank Credit Card offers an excellent rewards credit card program for its members. You can use your reward points on a specialty website with thousands of different products, travel options, hotel choices and so on.

Examples of what you can purchase with your rewards points are things like:

  • Apple iMac desktop computer, for 252K points
  • NBA team jersey for 4K points
  • A 5500 watt generator for 122K points
  • Silver Swiss Army Knife for 3500 point
  • Air travel, hotels, rental card, cruises and much more…

While you do have to make your purchase on this site, there are many name brand items from digital cameras to stoves for your kitchen. You will not be lacking options for what to purchase.

Options for those Who Can’t Get the First American Bank Credit Card

For those of you who don’t qualify for the First American Bank Credit Card either because of a low credit score or because you don’t live in California, there are plenty of other choices.

If you are interested in a rewards card, use our credit chaser tool, select rewards cards as your search option and find the cards that meet your criteria. Compare credit card offers now!

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