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First Bank & Trust Credit CardFirst Bank & Trust is a regional bank based in New Orleans with more than $900 million in assets. In addition to normal retail and commercial banking services, First Bank & Trust also offers consumers a Visa card program.

With two options to chose from, the Visa Platinum card and the Visa Classic card, customers have access to products and services wherever Visa is normally accepted.  First Bank & Trust credit card holders have the added benefit of account management via the bank’s website.  A credit card account can be managed in conjunction with other bank accounts as well.

To apply for either of these cards, simply visit First Bank & Trust’s web site. A link provides a downloadable application in PDF format which can be filled out and mailed to the bank. The form seems to imply that applicants are, by default, considered for the Platinum card first. Those who do not qualify will be considered for the Classic card. Compare credit cards now!

First Bank & Trust Credit Card – Visa Platinum

The Visa Platinum card has an annual fee of $24 which is waived if the card is used twelve times or more during the year. Those approved for the card will begin with a credit limit of $5,000 or more. The interest rate for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances is Prime + 8.65%. According to the bank’s last printed application form, that rate would equal 14.9%.

Like other rewards credit cards, a rewards program is offered on this card in conjunction with Scorecard Rewards, a third-party entity that partners with various financial institutions to manage their rewards programs. Points earned through purchases can be redeemed for merchandise via the Scorecards web site.

Additional incentives on the Visa Platinum card include 90-day purchase protection, identity theft insurance and victim assistance, travel accident insurance, and a host of other travel-related services.

First Bank & Trust Credit Card – Visa Classic

The same $24 annual fee and opportunity to have it waived are part of the Visa Classic card. Credit card limits will be anywhere from $500 to $5,000, depending on credit worthiness. Interest rates are Prime + 11.65%. Travel accident insurance is the only added incentive with this card; the Scorecard Rewards program is not applicable.

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