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First Command Credit CardFort Worth-based First Command Bank has more than 50 years of experience in meeting the banking needs of U.S. military personnel. They opened their personal and commercial banking services in 1997, through which they offer the First Command Visa Platinum credit card.

The bank’s web site contains a link to take their credit card challenge. The challenge compares the First Command credit card with the user’s current cards in terms of interest rates, fees, and so on. Consumers who decide to apply for the card may do so by filling out an online request for contact from a bank financial adviser. This unique process is billed as part of the bank’s efforts to help consumers maintain responsible credit management.

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Applicants who do not qualify for the Visa Platinum card may be offered the Visa Classic card by the bank. This lesser card is designed to establish credit, rebuild damaged credit, and offer the same powerful benefits of the Visa name while prohibiting reckless credit practices. The Classic card carries a modestly high Prime + 7%, or 10.25% currently.

First Command Credit Card Visa Platinum Rates and Fees

First Command’s Visa Platinum comes with no annual fee and a minimum credit limit of $5,000. The APR comes in at an astonishingly low Prime + 3% for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. Most surprising here is the fact that most other cards with low APRs still charge more for cash advances. First Command has also eliminated the fees most common with other cards including those for balance transfers, over-limit transactions, and online account access.

First Command Credit Card Incentives

Card holders are eligible for a rewards credit card points program in partnership with 3rd party provider ScoreCard Rewards. One point is earned for every dollar of net purchases and can be redeemed for merchandise and travel expenses. ScoreCard accounts are managed by the consumer through a separate web site and account.

Other incentives and benefits of the First Command credit card include auto rental insurance, Zero Fraud Liability, emergency card and cash replacement, limited purchase warranty coverage, and emergency and travel assistance.

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One Cardholder Review for the “First Command Credit Card”

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    I had a fraudulent charge on my card. I called customer service, but there is NO option to speak to a customer service rep. EVERYTIME you call, and I had to do quite often due to the poor service of getting this dispute settled, you get your account balance, minimum payment, etc… all kinds of garbage… but NO option to speak to someone. You get moved into a “circle” of time-consuming options that cost you many minutes on your cell phone. What you DON’T get is an option to speak to a customer service rep!!!!!
    When I first opened my new credit card account about 4 years ago, I was impressed with their personal customer service… now, I am DEpressed

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