First National Bank of Omaha Professional Edition MasterCard Card

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First National Bank of Omaha Professional Edition MasterCard CardWhile First National Bank of Omaha does not offer a Professional Edition MasterCard, they do give customers the opportunity to apply for the Platinum Edition MasterCard. This card offers special financing, low fees and well as the opportunity to use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. Offering a variety of credit cards is nothing new to First National Bank of Omaha, and if the MasterCard does not meet your needs, you can instead apply for a Visa, American Express, or Discover card.

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Fees and Rates for the First National Bank of Omaha MasterCard

Owning and using a First National Bank (FNB) of Omaha MasterCard is both simple and affordable, especially during the first year. In addition to offering the card with no annual fee and no monthly fee, the Platinum Edition MasterCard gives you a 0.0% annual percentage rate for the first 12 months that the card is open. In fact, the only potential fee you would have to pay during the first year if you made all your payments on time would be a lost credit card fee of $10.

Following the first year, the interest rate increases based on your credit history, but generally will fall somewhere between 9.99% and 17.99%. This rate can increase if you miss a payment and have a payment returned. In fact, the rate will rise to 29.99% for potentially the life of the card.

If you are struggling with your credit card payments, it is always best to contact the card company and try to work out a payment arrangement rather than just ignore the issue. Learn more ways to manage your debt on CNN’s personal finance website.

Additional Personal Banking Products Available at FNB of Omaha

In addition to the six different personal credit cards offered by FNB of Omaha, customers can open a personal checking or savings account. In fact, you can link your checking account with your credit card account and set up automatic payments.

With more than a dozen branches in the Omaha, Nebraska area and another three dozen ATM locations, FNB of Omaha can provide for all your banking needs.

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