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First National Bank of Omaha Credit Cards are offered through their First National Credit Card Center. A complete bank in itself and a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska, First National Bank of Omaha opened in 1857 to serve Omaha and its surrounding communities.

Now with locations in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas, the First National Bank has more than 6.6 million customers nationwide. It is the largest privately owned bank in the United States. As one of the first banks to issue credit cards, First National Bank of Omaha has been offering progressive and competitive cards since the early 1950′s.

First National Bank of Omaha is the twelfth largest credit card issuer in the country but of course no one credit card is the best choice for every single person and their specific financial situation. Read this First National Bank of Omaha credit card review and then use the free credit card “chaser” tool to find and compare all of the best credit cards from many different companies!

More Green Than Money

Taking green banking seriously, First National Bank runs a fuel cell powered data center which does not emit greenhouse gases. The majority of their buildings utilizes energy efficient lighting and economically controlled thermostats. Recycling programs are also in place for the recycling of plastic, aluminum, paper and even carpet remnants. Free online banking, BillPay, and paperless statements also aid in the green effort. Over 1.8 million trees and 103 million gallons of gasoline can be saved if only 20% of American households switch to electronic bills, statements, and payments.

Furthermore, First National Bank reduces unnecessary travel by using technology for telecommuting and teleconferencing. Several locations have already implemented “Smart” ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machines) that allow the direct insertion of cash and checks, and eliminate the need for envelopes. In 2008, First National Bank was named one of Computerworld’s Top Green IT Companies.

In addition to being green, First National Bank has received numerous wellness awards, including the Well Workplace Platinum award from the Wellness Council of America, the Nebraska Governor’s Excellence in Wellness Award, and they were deemed a fit-friendly company by the American Heart Association.

With customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, customers are guaranteed personal attention along with various credit card features such as rewards, spending control, and personalized card designs. All of the credit cards offer customers online access to see transactions, pay the bill, or view seven years of past statements. Along with competitive interest rates, every card comes with Platinum Edition® Benefits.

Visa® Platinum Edition® Benefits

Visa® Platinum Edition® Benefits are included with every First National Bank Visa® card. Standard coverage includes purchase protection for nearly all items you buy using your card. For the first 90 days you are covered, at no extra charge, against theft, accidental damage, and fire. Furthermore, most manufacturer warranties are doubled for up to 12 additional months of coverage.

To obtain travel assistance, which includes emergency services, simply purchase the entire amount of your travel tickets with your card. You and your family will automatically receive accident insurance of up to $250,000 and you will qualify for a 25% car rental discount at select agencies.

Maximum Rewards® Platinum Edition® Visa® Card

The Maximum Rewards® Platinum Edition® Visa® Card is a rewards card that earns 1.5 points for every qualifying dollar that gets purchased with the card. There is no limit to the points that can be earned and rewards can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, or major airline travel. The card automatically includes the Visa® Platinum benefits described above.

BucksBack® Platinum Edition® Visa® Card

The BucksBack® Platinum Edition® Visa® Card is a rewards card that earns 1 point for every purchased qualifying dollar. Cash back is rewarded as points that can be redeemed in $25 increments.

The points can be redeemed as credit on the credit card, a deposit into a checking or savings account, or a rebate check sent via mail. Further benefits include savings of up to 15% as cash back by shopping via FirstShop® and using your card for your purchases.

The reason this card earns fewer points than the Maximum Rewards® card is because of the 6 month introductory 0% APR rate. The rate will remain in effect for the first 6 billing periods provided all payments are made in time and you remain within your credit limit. Visa® Platinum benefits are also included at no additional cost.

Platinum Edition® Visa® Card

The Platinum Edition® Visa® Card offers a 0% APR for the first 6 months. After the initial introductory period is over, a continuously low rate will go into effect. The introductory rate will remain in effect provided all payments are made by the due date and your spending does not go over your credit limit. This card includes all of the benefits of the Visa® Platinum Edition® program.

Compare First National Bank of Omaha Credit Card Offers

There are many credit card options available that range in interest rates, rewards programs, and miscellaneous features. Depending on your unique set of circumstances and your typical use of credit cards, the type of card you’re seeking could vary.

Perhaps you’re looking for a low interest rate to do a balance transfer, or you would like a 0% rate for a large purchase you’re planning to make. Or maybe you’re just looking for a rewards program to accumulate points with your monthly gas and grocery purchases. Whatever your situation, you can start shopping for credit cards right away simply by entering your information above.

Why not go to the credit card chaser and compare many different credit cards from many different banks and credit card issuers right now?

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