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First National Bank & Trust Credit CardThere are literally dozens of smaller local banks operating under the name of First National Bank & Trust, such that it would be impossible to do an adequate review of all of them. Being that most are local banks, some offer credit cards while others do not. Websites of those that do tend to not be forthcoming about credit card information prefer instead that consumers visit a branch.

Among these many banks, First National Bank & Trust of northwest Florida seems to be one of the larger ones with locations throughout the Emerald Coast region. The bank offers a variety of personal and business credit cards including standard MasterCard and Visa, Gold MasterCard and Visa, MasterCard Business, Platinum Visa, and a Secured MasterCard. Compare credit card offers now!

Florida’s First National Bank & Trust provides no means of online or telephone application. Their published information lists benefits of their credit cards only to the extent of free online account access and cash back rewards. For this reason, the following assessments are based on standards from MasterCard and Visa.

First National Bank & Trust Credit Card – Standard MasterCard and Visa

Standard Mastercard and Visa accounts, sometimes known as “Classic” accounts, generally have few perks and no rewards programs. They are designed to help repair damaged credit or establish new credit for those who have none. Standard cards usually carry higher than average APR, though it’s not uncommon to see them with no annual fees and the opportunity to reduce interest rates through good credit management.

First National Bank & Trust Credit Card – Visa Platinum

The Visa Platinum card begins with a $5,000 credit limit regardless of the issuer. It would be reasonable to assume First National Bank & Trust’s Visa Platinum does likewise. The Platinum program usually carries with it some sort of travel insurance or assistance, cash and card replacement, 24-hour online account access, and worldwide ATM access. APRs for purchases and balance transfers tend to range from 6% to 11.9% depending on the issuer.

First National Bank & Trust Credit Card – MasterCard Business and Secured MasterCard

These two types of cards vary so much across the wide spectrum of issuers that it’s not practical to give any guidelines here. Both secured credit cards and business credit cards are designed to suit a large range of needs. For more information on what First National Bank & Trust offers with these cards, it’s best to contact them directly.

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