First Premiere Bank Credit Card

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First Premiere Bank Credit CardFirst Premiere Bank is a bank not only for checking and savings, but they also issue the Premiere Bankcard. If your credit score is less than desirable then you may have a hard time finding a credit card. First Premiere Bank credit card is intended for people who have a lower credit score or poor credit history.

Using the First Premiere Bank credit card responsibly can help you raise your credit score over time. However, if you do not pay close attention to your balances and the fine print your Premiere Bankcard can end up costing you a lot of money. Compare other credit card offers today!

All credit cards require financial responsibility and budget planning. If credit cards are the reason your credit score is low, then using a high risk credit card may hurt your pocket book and your credit score even more. A bad credit credit card will only help your credit history if you have learned how to manage your budget and shop responsibly using credit.

Bank Services Offered in Addition to the First Premier Bank Credit Card

Personal banking services offered by First Premiere Bank include checking, savings, CDs, personal loans, mortgages, safe deposit boxes, and investment services. Business banking includes ACH, merchant services, treasury services, loans, and lines of credit.

First Premiere Bank Credit Card Benefits

The main benefit of the First Premiere Bank Credit Card lies in the ability to be able to apply for a credit card with less than perfect credit and get approved. Not everyone with poor credit will be approved for the Premiere Bankcard. However, if you are approved you can then use the credit card to make small purchases, pay your balance in full every month, and slowly start to rebuild your credit.

The Pitfalls of the First Premiere Bank Credit Card

Unfortunately, having a poor credit history puts you in a high risk category, which means credit card companies will charge you high fees in exchange for taking a chance on giving you a credit card. The First Premiere Bank credit card is such a bad credit credit card.

There is a refundable $25 upfront processing fee and a $74 annual credit card fee. However, the biggest concern is the 59.9% APR in the event you fail to pay your balance in full every month by the due date.

Building credit history takes time and great vigilance. Only if you can maintain financial control might the First Premiere Bank credit card help you raise your credit score in time. Compare credit card offers now!

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