First Source Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum with Rewards Credit Card

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First Source Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum with Rewards Credit CardAs more and more credit unions become the first choice in banking for people all over the United States, the number of quality credit cards that are now being offered is growing as well. The First Source Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum with Rewards card is no exception with a low annual percentage rate and generous rewards program available to the members of the credit union.

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Details, Fees and Rates of the First Source Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card

In general, rewards credit cards tend to carry higher interest rates than regular cards, because the benefit remains in receiving the rewards. However, the First Source Federal Credit Union (FSFCU) offers the best of both worlds, as a low 8.9% credit card APR is combined with a quality rewards program that is sure to meet the needs of most cardholders.

However, not all retailers will accept rewards cards. In fact, some have cited the high cost processing a credit card with rewards as the reason they can no longer be taken, according to CNN Money.

The FSFCU Visa Rewards Card also offers a minimum credit line of $5,000, meaning it is reserved for individuals with fairly high credit scores and a history of paying bills on time.

Additional Banking Products and Services for FS Federal Credit Union Members

The Visa Rewards card is one of three offered by FSFCU, along with the Visa Gold card and regular MasterCard. Both these cards also offer plenty of benefits, but have higher APRs and no rewards available. However, if your credit card application is denied for the Visa Rewards Card, you should consider applying for one of the other credit cards offered by FSFCU.

Other services include person checking and savings, loans, investments, mortgages and home equities. You can easily access all your First Source FCU accounts online and even set up automatic payments to your credit card.

FSFCU is located in Central New York and has four different branches located in and around Utica, New York. There are also many ATMs available to customers as well.

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