First Tech Credit Union Visa Platinum CashBack Credit Card

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First Tech Credit Union Visa Platinum CashBack Credit CardWhile some rewards credit cards only give you cash back on certain purchases, the First Tech Credit Union Visa Platinum CashBack Card bucks the trend and offers a cash back reward program based on all your purchases, with no exceptions. In fact, this credit card offers even more with a low introductory interest rate and low fees.

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Rates, Fees and Benefits of the First Tech Credit Union CashBack Card

There is an annual fee for the First Tech Credit Union (FTCU) Visa Platinum CashBack Card in the amount of $25. However, the FTCU Visa Card offers a special APR of 3.99% on all balance transfers made with the card for the first six months that it is open.

Balance transfers are best used when you have a large amount of credit used up on another card and you can save money on interest by transferring the balance to another card. However, it is important to make sure that you close the credit card account that you have transferred the balance from to ensure you do not have more credit card debt than you can afford.

To learn more credit card tips, including ways to make sure your card is not being used without your authorization, visit the Better Business Bureau website.

The regular interest rate on purchases is 7.99% for the FTCU Visa CashBack Card. Credit lines range from as little as $500 to as much as $35,000.

Additional Services Offered Through FTFCU

There are a total of four credit cards available through FTFCU, all of which are Visa Cards. If you determine that you do not want a CashBack card, you can choose from a regular rewards card, a basic Visa credit card, or, if you have credit problems, a Secured Visa credit card.

First Tech Federal Credit Union also offers traditional everyday banking services such as checking and savings accounts, loans and investment services.

FTFCU has two offices located in Cupertino, California, and offers complete online services including automatic bill pay for your credit card from a linked checking account.

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