First Tech Credit Union Visa Platinum Points Rewards Credit Card

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First Tech Credit Union Visa Platinum Points Rewards Credit CardDo you want to earn points on every single purchase you make with a credit card for travel and merchandise rewards? Then the First Tech Credit Union (FTCU) Visa Platinum Points Rewards Credit Card might be the ideal card for you. With no restrictions on purchases, a low annual percentage rate and the ability to earn points immediately, the FTCU Platinum Points card can help you get to that dream vacation in no time.

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Earning Points with the FTCU Visa Platinum Points Rewards Card

Unlike the FTCU Platinum CashBack Card, the Points Rewards Card allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend on the card. There are no purchase requirements. You can buy gasoline, groceries, clothes; anything that you purchase with the card will build up your points.

Many credit cards require that you purchase certain items to earn points. Because the FTCU Points Rewards Card doesn’t, you will see your points increasing faster. Additionally, you can hold on to your points as long as you want because they do not expire.

More and more credit cards companies are offering rewards to their customers. To learn more about these opportunities, go to CNN Money’s website.

Details, Fees and Rates for the FTCU Visa Points Card

Although credit card balance transfers do not count towards building points because it is not considered a purchase, you still may want to consider moving a high interest balance to the FTCU Visa Points Card due to a low 3.99% balance transfer rate. The transfer must be made within the first six months that you have the card, and is valid for a total of one year.

There is a $25 annual fee to have the FTCU Visa Points Card, however, that amount plus more can be saved almost immediately if you transfer a balance with a higher interest rate. The regular purchase rate for the FTCU Visa Card starts at 7.99%, and your credit limit can be as high as $35,000.

Learn more about the FTCU Visa PointsCard online or at one of the two branches located in Cupertino, California.

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