First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card

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First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card

First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Cards are available for anyone regardless of what your credit history looks like. This is because prepaid credit cards are funded in advance so there is no risk to the credit card company. To find out if this is a viable option for you, read this First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card review.

When you apply for a credit card you are given a credit limit that is established by the credit card company. Since the credit card company is paying for your purchases in advance of you paying them, this is considered high risk and therefore you need good credit in order to get approved. Compare other credit card offers today!

If you have a prepaid credit card, then you fund your own account with your money in advance of using it. This reduces the risk on the part of the credit card company but still gives you the option of using a credit card for various purchases.

Starting Your First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card

Starting your first Vineyard Prepaid credit card is relatively simple. Since you are funding the card yourself there is no lengthy application process and relatively little risk of being denied. You can open your account with as little as $20 and load your card with as much as $2,500.

Cash Access for your First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card

When you open your First Vineyard Prepaid credit card you will be given a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN will allow you to withdraw available funds from your account, but whether you use an ATM or a bank teller you will be restricted to withdrawing a maximum of $500 per day.

Pros and Cons of the First Vineyard Prepaid Credit Card

One of the benefits of a prepaid credit card is that you do not have to carry cash with you wherever you go. You also have the option of making unplanned purchases provided you have enough money loaded on your account.

Although credit cards do not typically come with activation fees, the First Vineyard Prepaid credit card has a onetime fee of $39.95 which is not refundable. Different transactions may result in different fees, so you need to check the fee schedule carefully.

If you need to have a credit card but cannot apply for one, and don’t want a bad credit credit card, then funding a prepaid credit card may be a good alternative. The First Vineyard Prepaid credit card is one such option. Compare other online credit cards now!

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