FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards Credit Card

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FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards Credit CardFirstBank has two different credit cards offered to consumers, the FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards card, and the FirstBank Visa CardMiles Rewards credit card. These are both rewards credit cards that give consumers access to either bonus points or cash back for each purchase made. For people that prefer to earn cash back rewards, the FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards credit card is best.

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Although credit card laws tend to differ from state to state, the California Department of Consumer Affairs gives helpful credit card advice to state residents. Besides the fact that the FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards credit card doesn’t have an annual maintenance charge, all of the other fees on these two credit cards are identical. It really comes down to whether you prefer to receive cash back or use your rewards points to book airline tickets.

FirstBank Visa FirstCash Terms

Taking out a cash advance on your FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards credit card will cost you in 18.15%, not including the initial $10 or 4% APR fee. Compared to many other personal credit cards, these charges are still fairly minimal.

Although FirstBank generously gives cardholder a 10-day grace period on top of the 25 day billing cycles to make the minimum interest payment, a fee in the amount of $25 can be applied to any account that falls seriously behind. FirstBank Visa FirstCash accountholders get 1% of their total charges back in cash.

FirstBank Visa FirstCash Details

You don’t have to apply to be enrolled in the FirstBank FirstCash program, but you do need to have an active credit card account. At the time that you apply for a personal credit card with FirstBank, you will need to indicate what type of rewards you are most interested in receiving.

In addition to lengthy billing cycles and low fees, FirstBank Visa FirstCash Rewards credit cardholders also have the option of accessing their accounts via the web. Accountholders can earn cash back rewards with no limits, for as long as their credit card accounts remain open.

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