Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback Credit Card

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Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback Credit CardIf you’re looking for a Visa credit card with a high credit limit and lots of spending power, then you’ll want to consider the Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback credit card. This credit card offers a starting credit line of $7500, allowing you to have the spending power that you need.

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In order to qualify for this credit card, you’ll need two things. The first thing you’ll need is perfect credit or close to perfect credit. The second thing you’ll need is to be a member of the Firstmark Credit Union. Fortunately, if you live in the right area, which is Bexar County and the surrounding areas, then the second condition is easy to meet.

Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback Credit Card Overview

As mentioned above, this is a credit card with a higher credit limit. This is also a rewards credit card that rewards you with cash back based upon your purchase amounts. You can earn cashback of between .25% and up to 1% for every dollar you spend, depending upon your credit card balance.

Anything below $1000 as a credit card balance will earn .25% cash back. Anything above $3001 will earn 1% cash back. Everything else falls in between a .50% and .75%. It is unclear as to whether only the purchase of over a certain amount will earn specific percentage point.

What this means is that it’s possible that your purchases up to $1000 earn .25% while your purchases from $1001-$2000 earned the .50% while the amount that’s under that $1001 mark earned the .25%. Why this distinction is important is because it is broken down by the dollar in each tier, at which point you’ll be earning less cashback.

Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback Credit Card Terms

This is a low fee credit card, which is common for credit unions in general. For example, there are no balance transfer fees or cash advance features for this credit card. The foreign transaction fees are only 1% of each transaction, which is pretty low in comparison to other credit cards.

In addition, there is no credit card annual fee or over the credit limit fee. As in accordance with the Federal Reserve Credit Card Rules, their late payment and returned payment fees max out at $25.

While there is a penalty APR of 18%, it is dismissed once you have made the six consecutive payments on time.

Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa Cashback Credit Card Verdict

The terms for this card are excellent and provides you with excellent spending power. While this card isn’t for everyone, if you have nearly perfect credit, then this is a card you want to consider.

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