Florida Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card

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Florida Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit CardA rewards credit card offers special benefits to the cardholder that they cannot get with a regular card. The Florida Credit Union offers credit cards that are part of the CU Rewards program. This type of card lets the cardholder earn points for each purchase they make and then they exchange these points for discounts and merchandise.

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There are many benefits to having a rewards credit card, but they have been known to get cardholders into more credit card debt than with a normal card. Sometimes the cardholder loses sight on just how much they are spending and are focused more on the amount of points they are earning. To learn the most responsible ways to use a rewards credit card the cardholder can go to sites like SmartMoney.

Terms of the Florida Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card

Rewards credit cards tend to have higher interest rates than other credit cards. The annual percentage rate for purchases and balance transfers is 10.90% to 17.90%. If the cardholder has a low credit score, they will have a higher interest rate. No matter how good the cardholder’s credit score is, they will have to pay 17.90% interest for credit card cash advances.

The most common form of cash advance is a credit card check. Since credit card checks charge such high interest and often include a transaction fee, people tend to save credit card checks for large purchases where the credit card itself cannot be used.

Florida Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card Fees

The Florida Credit Union Platinum Visa credit card offers the cardholder certain breaks on transaction fees that they would not be able to get at very many other providers. This card has no fee for cash advances or balance transfers. In fact, the only transaction fee for this card is a very low 1% foreign transaction fee. There is a base $35 penalty fee if the cardholder is late with a payment or has one returned.

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