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Florida International University Credit Card The Florida International University offers three Florida International University credit cards. These cards include the Commodity Card, Department Travel Card and the Travel Card and Travel and Entertainment Card. These cards are only available to faculty and staff at Florida International University.

Florida International University is Miami’s first and only 4 year public research university. In fact, it is also one of the largest universities in the entire country. There are currently 44,000 students attending the University! Find more credit cards now!

FIU has a strong Hispanic influence at the school with over 60% of the student body being of some sort of Latin decent. In addition, FIU has a strong focus on the economically disadvantaged, working hard to provide finicial aid, scholarships, grants and awards so those students who can’t afford college have a chance at a quality education.

Florida International University Credit Card Options

  • The Commodity Card – This credit card is provided to staff so that they are able to purchase supplies and services to effectively teach their classes, develop a program and more. They are unable to use this MasterCard for travel credit card purchases. There is a monthly card limit of $5,000 and a single purchase limit of $1,000.
  • The Department Travel Card – This card is used by staff to purchase travel arrangements and accommodations for students, staff and non employees. Staff members make the card payments themselves and are reimbursed by the university. The credit limit for this card is $10,000 monthly and $5,000 for a single transaction.
  • Travel and Entertainment Card – This card is similar to the department travel credit card, but can only be used for staff travel. Again, all payments are made by the cardholder and the university reimburses the staff member. The credit limit for this card is $5,000 monthly and $2,000 for a single purchase.

These cards are approved through FIU but are distributed as regular MasterCards.

Florida International University Credit Card Student Options

Unfortunately, there are no student credit cards for a Florida International University. Students will have to find other options if they are in the market for a credit card!

Florida International University Credit Card Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these are cards only for staff members. Use our credit chaser tool to find your own online credit card options, now!

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