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Fortunoff Credit CardFortunoff is a very popular home and jewelry store that also sells furniture that is based out of New York. This store used to offer a store credit card written by the World Financial Network national Bank. The store no longer seems to offer this credit card on their website.

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The History of Fortunoff

The Fortunoff family founded the Fortunoff Company in 1922. The original Fortunoff store was located in Brooklyn, New York. When the company decided to expand, they opened their second store in Westbury, Long Island. This second store was opened in1964.

At the height of Fortunoff’s success, the company had over 15 stores. The chain saw hard times and started liquidating its assets in 2009. Today there are no physical Fortunoff stores left, but there is still a website that specializes in jewelry.

There are plans to reopen some Fortunoff stores. These new stores would focus on selling designer patio furniture.

Products the Fortunoff Sells

The Fortunoff website sells artisan jewelry that is handmade by world-renowned designers. These jewelry designers include Cynthia Gale, Ecojewel, Glorious Glam, Judith Jack, Jordan Scott, Natasha Wozniak, Lorenzo, Manuel Bozzi, Misha of New York, Margo Morrison, Sharelli, Phili by Francesca, and Tai.

Most of the jewelry sold on the Fortunoff website can be divided into four categories. These categories are classic, trendy, modern, and vintage style. These categories cover the full spectrum of jewelry ensuing that no matter the personality of the online shopper they will be able to find something they want on the Fortunoff website.

Fortunoff sells all styles of jewelry. In regards to bracelets, they sell bangles, slip ons, cuffs, and charm bracelets. The company also sells specialty men’s, baby, and children’s jewelry.

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