Founders Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard Credit Card

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Founders Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard Credit CardThe Founders Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard credit card combines rewards with low interest rates. It is available to members of the Founders Federal Credit Union.

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Founders FCU Platinum MasterCard Basics

The Founders Federal Credit Union is headquartered in South Carolina. Residents of specific areas in North and South Carolina are eligible to apply for membership. In addition, many businesses and organizations have partnerships with Founders FCU. Employees, retirees, and volunteers affiliated with these partners are also eligible. Family and household members of eligible people may also apply.

Besides eligibility, the only other requirement for membership is a $5 deposit into a savings account, which becomes the primary account for the member. The member is then able to utilize any of the financial services offered by Founders FCU, including applying for a credit card.

The Platinum MasterCard from Founders FCU has no annual fee. The credit card interest rates are also relatively low, although the exact APR will be determined by Founders FCU according to your credit history, income, other debts, etc.

Founders FCU Platinum MasterCard Benefits

Because it is a Platinum card, the Founders FCU Platinum MasterCard offers many benefits to cardholders, besides not charging a credit card annual fee. Cardholders are also enrolled in the CURewards program. As you spend money with the card, each dollar spent earns points in the system. The points can then be used towards travel or merchandise from the catalog.

You’ll also have instant access to your account information with the Founders Online system. Use your card to purchase airfare, gas, or hotels when you travel and get free additional accident insurance.

As a Founders FCU Platinum MasterCard cardholder, you’ll also have payment protection. This helps pay your credit card bills in case of unemployment, disability, or death. While says never to pay for payment protection if it is offered by your credit card company, with the Platinum MasterCard from Founders FCU, you get this perk at no cost to you.

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