Fraternal Order of Police Credit Card

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Fraternal Order of Police Credit CardThe Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) credit card is offered through Bank of America. Along with offering a convenient way to make purchases, cardholders can also show their support to this organization. Every time they use the card, a donation is made to FOP on their behalf; financial support to the FOP is also provided each time a new account is opened.

This credit card choice is available to people working in law enforcement, as well as members of the general public who wish to support the FOP. The card offers rewards to customers, and the focus is on flexibility in benefits so that they can choose the ones that make the most sense. Compare other credit card offers today!

The FOP card has other incentives that make it an attractive choice, such as a low introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Overdraft protection for a customer’s bank account is also available.

Fraternal Order of Police Credit Card Features

New customers can take advantage of a 0% APR for at least the first seven billing cycles after the account is opened. Cardholders with good credit scores may be given this introductory rate for up to 10 cycles after the account is opened.

The standard APR for this product is set at a rate between 12.99-20.99%, depending on the customer’s credit score. The APR charged on balances fluctuates with the prime rate. If it increases, the interest charged on outstanding balances also goes up, and if the prime rate falls, customers get the advantage of paying less interest on their FOP rewards credit card.

Fraternal Order of Police Credit Card Benefits

With every purchase, a cardholder can earn one point for every dollar spent. The points can be collected and redeemed for cash or gift cards that can be used in restaurants, merchandise and entertainment. They can also be used as a travel credit card to get rewards (with no blackout dates).

Fraternal Order of Police Credit Card Offers Flexibility

Customers who like the idea of having flexibility in their credit card choices should consider the FOP credit card. It offers a low introductory rate and points that can be used for several purposes. Use the free chaser tool provided to compare online credit card rates now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Fraternal Order of Police Credit Card”

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    Bank of America sucks, you would be better off going to a loan shark for money. this card is for a great cause but you will get kill with interest rates. I have had this card for 7yrs and I have a credit score well over 750 and my interest rate is 20%. I called them to see if I could get a better rate and what did they do, they cut my credit limit from 12000 to 2500. Best part was when I call to inquire why this happened and the customer service agent told me the Equifax cut my credit limit. I said how can another company change my numbers with your company. She could not give me an answer. They are clueless and crooks. I hate to do it because of the fop but in am going to cancel this card.

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