Freedom Credit Union Share Secured Visa Credit Card

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Freedom Credit Union Share Secured Visa Credit CardIf you are in the market for a great secured credit card, you should consider cards that are offered by banks or other financial institutions that have physical buildings and other banking services. While there are many options for secured cards available to consumers, the Freedom Credit Union Share Secured Visa Credit Card gives you the ability to have a credit card with the financial backing of an established financial institution.

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Details and Rates of the Freedom Credit Union Secured Visa Card

With a 15.99% interest rate and low initial balance requirement, the Freedom Credit Union (FCU) Secured Visa is both affordable and easily accessible. However, as with all secured credit cards, you must make an initial deposit, which is then considered your credit limit. You are essentially borrowing money from yourself and paying interest to FCU for using the card.

However, FCU does offer Secured Card customers the ability to earn interest on their deposits. While you can access your money with the credit card, you will also earn the same interest as the basic savings account offered at FCU.

Other Products and Services Offered by the Freedom Credit Union Secured Visa

FCU makes a wide array of credit card options available to its members. In addition to the secured Visa, FCU offers a Gold Visa credit card, a Classic Visa credit card and even a student Visa credit card. While the Secured Visa is designed primarily for people who are looking to build or rebuild their credit score and history, these other options are for people who have established credit.

For more information on secured credit cards and any possible downfalls, read the FTC’s “Secured Credit Card Marketing Scams” article for consumers.

Of course, the Student Visa Card is a credit card for college students, as it offers a fairly low credit limit and no previous credit history. You can apply or learn more about any of these cards by visiting the Freedom Credit Union website or going to any of the six branches located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Finally, FCU offers many basic banking services such as checking and savings accounts, mortgages, auto loans, and financial advice. If you have a FCU checking account, you can set up automatic payments to your Secured Visa Card.

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