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Fresno State University Credit CardFresno State University in California does not issue credit cards to alumni or students. Credit cards are accepted as a form of payment for numerous things among the campus. While this article won’t discuss a review of a Fresno State University credit card, it will discuss various expenses for the university as well as changes in the laws regarding credit cards and students. Compare credit card offers now!

There are many expenses that are a part of college life. From tuition and books to college events and living expenses, traditional and student credit cards can be used to help fund some of these Fresno State University expenses.

Student loans can also be used to assist with college expenses either instead of or in addition to credit cards. However, just like credit cards, student loans should only be used as needed to avoid a buildup of debt.

Expenses That May Require a Fresno State University Credit Card

When you register to attend Fresno State University you need to pay student registration fees and course fees. Student fees can range from $1,500 to more than $5,000 and course fees are anywhere from $4 to $500 per course. You may use a credit card or a student loan to pay for these initial expenses.

Student Loans versus a Fresno State University Credit Card

Many students opt to obtain a student loan to help pay for college expenses. Just as credit cards come with an interest rate, so do student loans. Whichever method you choose, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each method. If you can pay your credit card in full every month, then you will save on interest and establish a credit history as well. However, if you cannot afford the credit card interest rates then you may be better with a student loan.

The College Student Credit Protection Act and Fresno State University Credit Cards

As recently as 2007 in California, the College Student Credit Protection Act was instituted to outline the legal marketing techniques employed by credit card companies to sell credit card services to college students. In general, credit card companies must meet strict guidelines before being allowed to sell services on campus and they are prohibited from enticing students to apply in exchange for free gifts.

Although you can’t get a Fresno State University credit card, if you are attending college you may still apply for a credit card. If you use it responsibly you can use it to help build your credit score. Compare rewards credit cards, student credit cards and other credit card offers online now!

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