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GE Money Bank Amazon.com Store Card Credit Card

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GE Money Bank Amazon.com Store Card Credit CardIf you enjoy shopping on Amazon.com and are looking for a manageable and affordable card that allows you to get special deals and financing offers, you may not actually need a credit card.

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The GE Money Bank (GEMB) Amazon.com Store Card gives you access to everything that Amazon.com has to offer but in an in-store card. Since this is not a credit card, like the Chase Amazon Platinum Visa credit card, it can only be used at Amazon.com. However, you still qualify for a variety of benefits that are normally reserved for traditional credit cards.

Special Financing Offers for the GEMB Amazon.com Store Card

Since Amazon.com has millions and millions of items for sale, including new items directly from the manufacturer as well as used items from individuals, you can find almost anything you need at Amazon.com. As a Store Card cardholder, you have access to special financing that is not available to everyone. Obviously, since Amazon.com is an Internet-only store, you can only use your GEMB Amazon.com store credit card online.

Depending on the total amount of your purchase, you can receive special 0% financing for a specific period of time. For example, if you make a purchase costing between $149 and $599, you can get six months of no interest credit. For larger purchases, cardholders can enjoy either 12 months or 24 months of 0% interest, all with no annual fee.

If your purchase is a different amount, or does not qualify for one of the special financing options, the credit card APR is 25.99%.

While the card has some benefits, be sure to learn about the card by reading various customer reviews. In fact, the Amazon.com website has a customer review section where cardholders have left comments about their experience with the store card.

Benefits Available to GEMB Amazon.com Store Card Holders

In addition to special financing offers, Amazon.com Store Card holders can also access their account online. Cardholders are also eligible to apply for the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card, which can be used worldwide with any merchants who take Visa cards.

Finally, the GEMB Amazon.com Card offers complete fraud liability, meaning you are not liable for any purchases made with your card after you reported it lost or stolen.

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