GE Money Bank Modells Sporting Goods MVP Platinum MasterCard

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GE Money Bank Modells Sporting Goods MVP Platinum MasterCardAthletes, sports fans, coaches, and people who love the outdoors will love the GE Money Bank (GEMB) Modell’s Sporting Goods MVP Platinum MasterCard and the benefits the card provides. From an immediate discount on your first purchase, to bonus credit card reward points with every purchase, the GEMB Modell’s MasterCard provides many benefits and advantages.

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Modell’s Sporting Goods has more than 125 stores nationwide, primarily in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia tri-state area. All stores specialize in sneakers and athletic apparel.

Rewards and Benefits of the Modell’s Sporting Goods MVP Platinum MasterCard

If you shop at Modell’s Sporting Goods stores, you will find that using their MasterCard will provide you with both savings and rewards. Once you open the credit card account, you will not only receive a free gift, but will also get information on special events taking place in the store, as well as receive coupons with discounts to use in the store.

Additional coupons will be sent to you on your birthday, and you can even access your account 24 hours a day online. Modell’s credit cards can also be paid online through a valid checking or savings account.

Specifically, the first purchase you make in a Modell’s store will receive a discount of 15% off all items except for gift cards. As far as rewards, customers can get a $20 gift certificate for every 400 points they earn. Usually, you earn one point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases.

Rates and Terms for the Modell’s MasterCard from GE Money Bank

There are two different types of accounts for the Modell’s MasterCard, classified as Type I and Type II. The Type I account offers a lower credit card annual percentage rate of 16.74% plus the current prime rate, while Type II account holders get an interest rate of 20.74% plus the prime rate. The type of account for which you qualify depends on your individual credit score and history.

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