GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard Credit Card

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GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard Credit CardFrequent users of PayPal, including people who buy and sell on eBay, will discover that the GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard credit card can be a valuable addition to their buying or selling account. With a vast rewards program, the ability to hook up your bank account with your MasterCard credit card, and no annual fee, this card allows you to save money and use it nearly anywhere in the world.

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Rates and Costs for the GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard

Similar to many of the cards offered by GE Money Bank, the PayPal MasterCard has two different levels of accounts. The Type I account is generally reserved for people with better credit, while the Type II is for those with a bad credit history.

The annual percentage rate for Type I accounts is 19.99%, while the APR for Type II accounts is 23.99%. The interest rate for cash advances is 26.99%. Although these rates are fairly high and there is no special introductory rate, remember that there is no annual fee and. Furthermore, if you pay your balance in its entirety each month, this card will not cost you any money.

There are many different ways to build up rewards points on various credit cards, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

However, if you carry a balance each month and do not take advantage of the rewards for credit cards program, you may want to look for a different credit card.

Details of the PayPal MasterCard Rewards Program

It is very simple to earn credit card reward points with the GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard. You earn one point for every dollar spent on everyday purchases, but can earn two points for every dollar on eBay or PayPal. Finally, you can earn three times as many points on each purchase made with the PayPal MasterCard at gas stations or restaurants.

Once you reach as few as 3,000 points, you can redeem those points for a variety of items. These include cash into your PayPal account, gift cards, and merchandise, as well as travel rewards such as airline vouchers or hotel certificates.

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One Cardholder Review for the “GE Money Bank PayPal Extras MasterCard Credit Card”

  1. Maria Garcia says:
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    Paypal extra master card (rewards? yeah right); I use this card for most of my purchases on ebay – high percentage rate, and if you get a return or credit, it takes about a week for the credit to appear in your credit card. Rewards are just a way to trick people to sign up for this card. The percentage is very high, I mean I have a very good credit and still get the highest percentage rate, do not like it. Chase has offered me 9% less than what I’m paying on this card, I’m planning to pay it off, and close this account. Reward?? Yeah right, need 6000 points to get $50.00. You’ll need to spend at least $4000.00 to get such a reward and pay about fifty on interest rate each month either way. The interest rate is way too high, even for someone with a excellent credit. Customer service is not bad, but not good either. I had several bad experiences.

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