GECU MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

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GECU MasterCard Platinum Credit CardIf you are looking for a credit card that offers a special introductory annual percentage rate with the full backing of an established financial institution, the GECU Platinum MasterCard may be the right card for you. With no annual credit card fee, and the ability to transfer balances for a reduced charge, customers of GECU will enjoy the benefits of this credit card.

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Rates, Fees, and Details of the GECU MasterCard

The introductory annual percentage rate for the GECU is a low 3.9% and is valid for the first six months that the card is open. After the initial six months, the interest rate will rise depending on several factors, including your credit score, credit history, and credit card payment history. The new and permanent rate will fall somewhere between 7.9% and 17.65%.

There is no fee to transfer a balance from another high interest credit card. So, for example, if you have a credit card that has an interest rate that is close to 20%, you may look to transfer the balance onto your GECU MasterCard and take advantage of the 3.9% intro rate.

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Benefits of Using the GECU MasterCard

Some benefits available to you from the GECU MasterCard include full luggage protection when traveling, complete auto rental insurance coverage, and travel accident insurance, as well as mobile phone protection.

In order to qualify for this protection, you must use your GECU MasterCard to purchase the original product or service. For example, to qualify for travel accident insurance, you must pay for your trip with the GECU MasterCard.

Other Banking Services Available from GECU

GECU offers a wide array of traditional banking services, such as checking accounts, loans for automobiles or homes, personal loans, business services, financial advisory services, and more. Additionally, you can get a specific credit card personal loan from GECU for things such as debt consolidation, college tuition bills, or home improvement.

GECU is headquartered in the El Paso, Texas area and has more than 10 branches in the surrounding area. In addition, there are nearly 50 nearby ATM locations.

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