Georgetown University Alumni Association Credit Card

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Georgetown University Alumni Association Credit Card | Georgetown University Credit CardGeorgetown University is perhaps the nation’s most well-known Jesuit college, located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. School alumni, as well as others who support the college, can now help Georgetown financially by applying for one of two Georgetown University Alumni Association credit cards.

Apply NOW for the American Express Platinum card by clicking here!

The Visa Platinum card features a scene of the storied Georgetown spires rising from a hill in the distance, overlooking the Potomac below. The American Express card is complete with a picture of the school’s mascot, Jack the Bulldog. Both cards are issued by Bank of America. Compare other credit card offers now!

Interested consumers can apply for either card by following the links on the Georgetown alumni web site. The secure online application asks for typical name, address, and income information. Applicants can also choose to apply for the balance transfer, Card Protection Plus, and extra card holder options at the same time.

Georgetown University Alumni Association Credit Card – Visa Platinum

The Georgetown Platinum Visa card opens with a 0% APR for seven to ten months based on the applicant’s credit history. This introductory rate applies only to purchases and balance transfers, and rises to a rate between 12.99% and 20.99% based on that same credit history.

The rewards credit card also qualifies for the Visa WorldPoints program which earns one point for every dollar in net purchases. Points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel discounts, shopping discounts and cash. There is no annual fee for the card or the WorldPoints program.

Georgetown University Alumni Association Credit Card – American Express

The Georgetown AMEX card also has no annual fee and carries the same introductory and standard APRs as the Visa Platinum. The various fees and terms associated with both cards are identical, as are the WorldPoints rewards. Both cards include enrollment in the MyConcierge program from WorldPoints. MyConcierge can secure dining reservations, entertainment and sporting events tickets, and a variety of other personal services.

The only major difference between the two is that holders of the AMEX card also have access to American Express Travel Services. Like a travel credit card, these services can help card holders book flights, reserve hotels, and secure rental vehicles. Reward points can be used towards these purchases. Compare credit card offers now!

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