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The Georgia Tech Alumni Association supports the ongoing efforts of the technical college of the same name, based in Atlanta, GA. Part of that effort is offering three affinity credit cards that earn contributions to the school with every purchase. The Georgia Tech Credit card program offers the American Express Rewards, Platinum Plus MasterCard, and Platinum Plus Visa cards.

To learn details about each of the cards, a quick visit to the Georgia Tech Alumni Association website is appropriate. There you will find the specifics for each card as well as links to apply online. Compare other credit card offers today!

Application is straight forward and easy, thanks to the secure site provided. Applicants must provide personal information including social security number and income levels. Those who wish to apply over the phone can find a toll free number listed on the application page.

Georgia Tech Credit Card WorldPoints

All three reward credit cards offer the WorldPoints program allowing one point to be earned for every dollar in purchases or balance transfers. These points can be redeemed at the WorldPoints website for cash, travel expenses, merchandise, and shopping discounts.

As part of the World Points program, card holders are automatically enrolled with MyConcierge. This personal concierge service comes at no additional cost and can be used any time by the card holder, his or her spouse, and any other immediate family members under the age of 22 residing in the same house.

Georgia Tech Credit Card APRs and Fees

  • None of the three cards has an annual fee
  • Introductory APR on all three is 0% for purchases and balance transfers
  • Rate is good for 7 to 10 months upon accounting activation
  • Rate increases to a minimum of 12.99% once the introductory period expires
  • Rate may go as high as 20.99% depending on the account holder’s credit rating

Transaction fees for cash advances, balance transfers, and some wire transfers begins at $10. Overdraft protection is available but enrollment is separate from the application. A $10 fee is assessed for any card overdrafts.

Georgia Tech Credit Card AMEX Travel Services

Although all three cards are virtually identical in regard to rates, fees, and rewards points, the AMEX travel rewards credit card carries the special benefit of American Express Travel Services. The services can be used for a variety of travel needs such as booking flights and reservations, securing car rentals, travelers cheques, and vacation planning. Compare online credit card rates instantly!

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