Giant Eagle Fuelperks! Credit Card

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Giant Eagle Fuelperks! Credit CardGiant Eagle is a grocery, gas, and convenience store chain operating in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina. Their brand names include Giant Eagle, Giant Eagle Express, GetGo, and Giant Eagle Market District.

The company offers their Giant Eagle Fuelperks! gas credit card as a means of encouraging customers to frequent their locations for grocery and gas needs. The card is good only for purchases made at one of their locations. It is issued by World Financial Network National Bank. Compare other credit card offers today!

To apply for the Giant Eagle Fuelperks! credit card, simply follow the links on the company website. Rates and fees are not posted on the initial application page as they are with most credit cards, but they should be disclosed further in the process.

The Giant Eagle Fuelperks! credit card has no annual fee. However, it does carry a rather robust 22.49% interest rate on accounts that carry a monthly balance. Accounts can be accessed and managed online free of charge, and account holders who choose online access and paperless billing save the $1 charge being assessed for traditional paper bills.

Giant Eagle Fuelperks! Credit Card Fuel Discounts

To be eligible for fuel discounts, car holders must also have a Giant Eagle Advantage card, which is simply a discount shopper’s card usable at any of their locations. Both cards must be swiped at time of purchase in order to receive Fuelperks! rewards.

For every $50 spent inside a Giant Eagle or GetGo store, consumers earn a fuel discount of 4 cents per gallon. An additional reward of 4 cents per gallon can be earned for every $100 dollars spent on fuel purchases at GetGo. The company’s computer system keeps track of consumer purchases and Fuelperks! rewards credit card purchases. There is no upper limit to the amount of rewards one can earn.

The Giant Eagle Fuelperks! card is suitable for those who would normally pay cash for groceries and can pay the entire balance with every statement. Otherwise, the interest carried on purchases more than cancels out the fuel discounts. Furthermore, the Fuelperks! rewards expire three months after they are issued. This card may not be a good fit for those who don’t purchase a lot of gas. Compare credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Giant Eagle Fuelperks! Credit Card”

  1. Robert Clarke says:
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    I recently spent $400.00 in gift cards at Giant Eagle with the thought I would be able to cash in my fuel perks and get quite a bit of gas for the money I spent on gift cards. The next day when I went to get my gas the attendant told me I would only be able get a total of $35.00 for the $400.00 I spent in gift cards. The commercials I have seen makes it look like you are getting such a good deal on the fuel perks which in reality it is not the case. I also went today and thought I would check out my foodperks. That was another rip off. I got 35 cents in foodperks. It just isn’t the great deal they make it out to be on the commercials.

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