GM Extended Family Credit Card

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GM Extended Family Credit CardIf you are part of the GM extended family, then you could qualify for the GM Extended Family credit card. This credit card offers you rewards on top of the employee and supplier discount for which you already qualify. Compare other credit card offers today!

Whether you want cash back or vehicle rewards, the GM Extended Family credit card gives you either option. By combining the vehicle rewards with the family discount, your earnings can save you even more on your next GM vehicle.

When you are looking for a rewards credit card, choosing one that gives you the option of cash back or earnings toward a new car, the GM Extended Family credit card is a card worth reviewing. Coupled with the family and supplier discount already offered by GM this cash back credit card or rewards credit card is even more valuable.

GM Vehicles Purchased With the GM Extended Family Credit Card

There are more than 30 GM vehicles that can be purchased with the reward earnings from the GM Extended Family credit card. Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and Pontiac are part of GM, so choices include cars such as the luxurious Buick LaCrosse or the fuel efficient Chevy Malibu.

All of the new vehicles come with GMs 5 year or 100,000 mile power-train warranty. If the car is sold while there is still warranty remaining, the warranty can be transferred. Other vehicle options include roadside assistance or programs that include courtesy transportation.

Earning Rewards on your GM Extended Family Credit Card

As you shop you earn rewards just by using your GM Extended Family credit card to pay for the purchases. You earn 1% for all of your qualifying purchases and you can earn even more through the GM shopping network called Cardmember Bonus Shop.

Through the shopping network you can earn up to an additional 5% rewards over the 1% that you already earn just for using the card. Rewards vary based on the merchants in the shopping network, such as 3% earnings with Barnes & Noble or 5% earnings with FTD.

Additional Benefits of the GM Flexible Family Credit Card

The GM Flexible Family rewards credit card comes with multiple benefits in addition to the rewards earnings. Benefits include purchase assurance, roadside assistance, travel assistance, and travel accident insurance.

As a member of the GM extended family, you receive discounts for purchasing GM vehicles. With the GM Extended family credit card, you can maximize your savings even more. Compare credit card options now!

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