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Golf Digest Rewards Credit CardThe Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card is one that has been discontinued. A MasterCard offered through the Bank of America, it offered a rewards program that appealed to golfers.

Golf Digest is a golfing specialty magazine. It provides information on the game itself, instruction, equipment, players, courses, travel, tours and more. For the golf aficionado, a subscription to the magazine is a true necessity.

Before you choose a rewards credit card, take the time to look at the benefits and features of the different cards on the market, as well as the details of the rewards programs each offers before selecting one.

Benefits and Features of Specialty Cards Like Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card

Specialty cards like the Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card appeal to passionate individuals who want to show off the things that they are most enthusiastic about. Such credit cards are available for golf, other sports, games, stores, hobbies, alumni cards, student credit cards and so much more.

Specialty cards often offer rewards programs. Opt for a rewards credit card that does not charge an annual fee. You should never have to pay a fee to use a credit card, unless your credit is extremely poor. Then you may wish to source a bad credit credit card.

You should also look at the APR for the cards carefully. Rates usually vary depending on your credit worthiness. Very good rates are those that are under 10% for excellent credit and under 20% for those with poor credit.

Rewards Programs For Golfers Like The Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card

When choosing a rewards program, flexibility is key. You may opt for a card of a certain type because you like its design; it offers a good rate; or it supports your favorite college or sports team. However, you will also want to redeem your points and having the flexibility to choose from different types of rewards will make the card very appealing. The type of rewards you want most now may not be the same ones you want in 10 years from now.

Choosing Alternatives to the Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card

Since the Golf Digest Rewards Credit Card has been discontinued, those looking for the card need to look at other options available to meet their needs. The Golf Magazine Visa Credit Card is an excellent alternative. Compare it and other credit card offers carefully to be sure that they meet your needs before making your final selection.

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