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Good Sam Club Credit CardThe Good Sam Club Visa Credit Card has the distinction of being the perfect choice of a credit card for RVers. It allows you to proudly show off the fact that you are a RV owner while it lets you earn rewards suited to the RVing lifestyle.

Good Sam is the biggest RV owner association in the world. With more than 1,000,000 members, it offers a variety of benefits including discounts, advice, trip planning and more. A Good Sam Club Visa Credit Card is the perfect accompaniment for those who RV because the Rec Rewards program is tailored to RVers. Compare other credit card offers today!

Choosing rewards credit cards is a big decision because of the vast number of cards available out there. However, choosing one that gives you the kinds of rewards you want and will use is the ideal choice for the person who is responsible in their use of credit.

Features and Benefits of the Good Sam Club Credit Card

  • The Good Sam Club Visa Credit Card is an excellent rewards card which has no annual fee
  • Introductory APR for balance transfers is 0% for initial 12 periods of billing
  • Standard APR from 9.49% to 19.49%

This APR kicks in after that original 12 cycles. It is based on your credit score and the Prime Rate.

Good Sam Club Credit Card Rec Rewards

As with so many other credit card rewards programs, you can accumulate one point per dollar you spend using your Good Sam Club Visa Credit Card. However, if you make select purchases for camping and RVing needs, you earn 5 points for ever $1 spent. You also get a bonus of 2500 reward points once you make an initial purchase or your first balance transfer on your Good Sam Club Credit Card.

The Rec Reward program allows you to redeem your points on camping gear, other merchandise, gift cards, airfare and other travel credit card benefits, exclusive offers and cash back. You can even get free camping and free fuel like with the best gas credit cards.

Compare the Good Sam Club Credit Card Now

Before selecting the Good Sam Club Credit Card, take the time to compare other credit card offers carefully to make sure it is the best fit for you.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Good Sam Club Credit Card”

  1. Ray says:
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    Don’t get one unless you want to pay up to 30.24%. I haven’t missed one payment and after the 9.2% intro it jumped up. I’m paying it off and so long Good Sam. Buyer beware. If I could give a negative 10 stars I would.

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