Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardYou may only join the Greylock Federal Credit Union if you live in, or have a relative that resides in, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Although membership is limited, credit cards from Greylock FCU are still worth applying for if you meet the requirements. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Greylock FCU Visa Classic credit card is currently available on the market. However, the Greylock Visa Signature credit card has features that are on par with the original classic credit card.

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Greylock FCU Visa Classic Credit Card Details

A total of 2,500 reward points, or the equivalent of $25, is issued to your account upon approval. These credit cards also have no yearly membership fees. Cardholders get one bonus point for each qualifying dollar spent, which can then be converted into exclusive prizes and credit card rewards.

There is a credit card introductory interest rate that is good for the initial six months of every new account. After that, interest rates can vary between 9.99% and 20.99% APR.

Greylock FCU Visa Classic Credit Card Benefits

All credit card balance transfers and purchases made with the Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Signature come with no interest for six full months. This introductory APR is guaranteed to anyone that is approved for this low-interest credit card. Additionally, 1% in cash back rewards can be earned on all purchases for the life of the card.

Another big benefit associated with the Greylock FCU Visa Signature card is that it doesn’t come with a set credit limit. As soon as a new cardholder is able to establish trust, he or she can start to finance major purchases with no fear of being declined.

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