Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardGreylock Federal Credit Union is a credit union in Berkshire County, Massachusetts that is open to anyone who works, lives, goes to school in, or is related to someone in Berkshire County. Greylock Federal Credit Union offers a variety of services to its members, from checking and savings accounts to home and vehicle loans.

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Another product offered by the Greylock Federal Credit Union is credit cards. For personal use, Greylock offers the GFCU Visa Platinum credit card.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card Overview

The Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card is not a rewards type credit card. It comes with an introductory 0% APR for both purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles, which is equivalent to a full year.

This credit card is designed for all different people, from those who have excellent credit all the way to people who have bumpy credit history. The interest rates offered for this credit card are a direct reflection of your credit score, which means if you have great credit you will get a low interest rate.

This card has several benefits that include:

  • Rental car coverage
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Zero liability if your card is lost or stolen
  • Travel assistance

You are also able to get an additional credit card for a member of your family or even a friend at no additional cost.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card Terms

As mentioned above, there is a 0% introductory APR for this credit card. Once the introductory offer ends, the interest rate for this credit card will be 9.99% to 20.99%, based on your credit score. Cash advances have an APR of 23.99%.

All the rates for this card are based on the Prime Rate, which means the rate could potentially change if the prime rate were to change. However, this is unlikely to happen anytime in the near future.

Unlike some credit union’s credit cards, Greylock’s Visa Platinum credit card is riddled with fees. This includes a balance transfer fee, cash advance fee for ATM, cash advance fee for at the register, cash equivalent advance fee, foreign transaction fee, and, of course, late payment, returned payment, and over-the-limit fees.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card Verdict

When it comes to its interest rates, this Visa credit card offers some good terms. However, when you start looking at the transaction expenses, you’ll come to realize that other credit unions offer much better deals.

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