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Guess Credit CardThere is no such thing as a Guess credit card, although the Guess store accepts all major credit cards. You will soon be able to make your Guess store purchases using PayPal. PayPal is one of the most popular ways to transact retail business online. It may be a good suggestion for regular customers to request that Guess offer a store low interest credit card.

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Since there is no such Guess credit card, you can use your AmEx, Visa, or MasterCard. The credit card information provided here will give you tips on how to choose the best card for your shopping needs. Security tips will help you avoid identity theft, stolen cards, and scams associated with possessing a credit card.

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Although Guess does not have a store credit card, it offers a gift card you can purchase in increments of $25, $50, and $100. You can go to the store website to check your balance, but they ask that you not throw it away just in case you are not satisfied with your final purchase. This is a good suggestion in case they credit money back to your gift card.

How to Choose a Store like Guess Credit Card

Choosing a store credit card is about finding a low interest credit card with rewards and bonuses. When applying for a credit all is needed is the information requested then hit submit to send it. Most retail stores offer instant approval credit cards so you do not have to wait weeks to receive an answer.

Guess Credit Card as a Way to Rebuild

The main thing banks are looking for is your credit score, and if it is above 610, you should be approved. An outstanding student loan could be a hindrance to getting an approval, but if you start making regular payments, this type of card could be a good way to rebuild. A Guess credit card with a low limit might be a good incentive for business.

Guess Credit Card Proposal

Guess could offer student credit cards since most of their customers are high school and college students. Not only would it be a good business move to attract more customers, they would probably sell more inventory. Perhaps it could be an introductory credit card for young adults with restrictions necessary for young adults.

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