Guide Dogs for the Blind Credit Card

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Guide Dogs for the Blind Credit CardThis Guide Dogs for the Blind credit card review discusses the card that benefits this humanitarian organization. Guide Dogs for the Blind (GBD) is an organization that provides trained guide dogs for those with extreme visual impairment and those who are blind.

For the past 68 years, GBD has been training “students” to care for those with visual impairments. These dogs are well cared for by professional trainers and quality veterinarians.

GBD does not charge any fees for their services, which means they rely completely upon donations to survive. This is where you can help. By applying for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card, you are taking a step towards helping to support this great foundation. Compare other credit card offers today!

Using the Guide Dogs for the Blind Credit Card to Help the Foundation

When you are approved for the GBD Credit Card, after you make your first purchase, $50 will be donated to the foundation. This is a limited time offer that lasts through November 2010, so if this is an important cause for you, then apply today.

UMB, the bank that is underwriting the VISA will also make a donation to GBD for every purchase that you make. This is part of the rewards program and will not expire.

You will also be able to donate the points you earn on your card to the GBD foundation, which allows them to spend the points on items they need for the running of GDB. Think of it as a cash back rewards credit card, you’re just donating the cash directly!

Guide Dogs for the Blind Credit Card Benefits

This platinum card offers many benefits for those who qualify. It is, however, a good credit credit card, so if you have average to bad credit, you will be unable to qualify and may wish to consider a bad credit credit card. Here are the benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • 6 months 0% APR
  • 12.99% APR after introductory period
  • $1 spent equals 1 reward point
  • Balance transfers qualify for rewards points
  • 2 reward points for every $1 of interest you accrue
  • $50 donation to GBD after your first purchase
  • Donate points to GBD for their use
  • Points are active for 5 years

Considerations for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Credit Card

  • Good credit credit card – if you have bad credit and apply, this can further harm your credit
  • 21.75% penalty rate if you miss a payment

Although there are many great things about the GBD credit card, not everyone will qualify. If you fall under this category, try our credit card chaser tool and compare other credit card offers now!

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