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Gulf Platinum Credit CardIf you drive you are going to have to purchase gas, so why not get rewarded for it with the Gulf Platinum Credit Card? Every year gasoline prices increase a bit more than the year before. In addition, there are times of the year where gas prices skyrocket to the point of making it almost unaffordable. Compare other credit card offers today!

The Gulf Platinum Credit Card is a gas credit card for people with good to excellent credit. This rewards card is a MasterCard that offers generous rewards for all of your gas purchases that occur at a Gulf gas station.

The rewards system is a cash back credit card reward rather than a points to purchase system, which is an excellent option for many people. Learn a bit more about the Gulf Platinum Credit Card below!

Gulf Platinum Credit Card Rewards Overview

The Gulf Platinum Credit Card offers a 3% cash reward for the total of every purchase you make on Gulf brand gasoline. If, for example, you spend $400 a month on gas, which is easily possible for many people, then your cash rebate will be $12 for that month.

All of your other purchases will garner you a 1% reward from your total purchase with one exception. You will not receive any cash back rewards if you use your credit card to purchase gas at any location other than a Gulf station.

The rebate will be applied to your account each time $20 is accrued. You can, however, request a check be mailed to you in lieu of having the money applied to your account, but you need to do this in advance and in writing.

Gulf Platinum Credit Card Benefits

  • 0% 6-month introductory rate
  • Great cash rebate program
  • No annual fee
  • 13.74 APR after introductory period expires

Gulf Platinum Credit Card Bottom Line

With a generous program, it is hard not to like this reward credit card. There is one thing to consider, however, and that is their penalty rate. If you miss a payment or a payment method doesn’t clear, the penalty rate increases to 30.24%. If, however, you get back on track for 6-months, you rate will reduce to 17.74%.

If you don’t have great credit, then you will not qualify for this card. For lower credit scores, seek a bad credit credit card. Compare many credit card offers today!

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